Community cop wrote out notebook even before the interview.

So what's new!

The false entries in Blackburn's notebook are shown here for all to see. Had I signed it it would have amounted to a confession of things that I had never done. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to refuse to give it any credibility.

This is far from the first time that police have tried to elicit a confession by guile.

The true depths of their conspiracy emerged eighteen months later when the Crown Prosecution Service announced that every accusation was false because it was not at all harassing and, if anything, it was a civil matter.

My own notes written up on the day without benefit of knowing the false confession in Blackburn's notebook is presented here as an honest and true account, though it is brief.

Kate Loboda was the third person present and I inferred that she had been brought in to add weight to the crooked proceedings. She was certainly the more reasonable of the two. The account of Blackburn's lies has been listed elsewhere. Briefly, after he told some lies, Loboda would plead with me to work with her.

The full dimension of her culpability was exposed later when she sent me entirely inappropriate leaflets and a very heavy handed letter. At this point it ought to be said that CPS eventually dismissed all these accusations against me as not to be harassment at all.It is important to understand this because the style of documents from Loboda are clearly threatening, as though I had actually been harassing these vandals. Browsers can judge for themselves by reading the documentation that is produced here.

It is noticeable that Laboda had already decided the the accusations carried weight because she says that I have been accused and Blackburn gives the names of the accusers. It is not by coincidence that these names are the ones who have been creating mayhem on the green belt and have been the subject of many complaints from residents. However, Blackburn never tackled them. It should also be noted that Loboda is the Trafford Council's expert on harassment, but very little does she know.

The next leaflet was one she sent as follow up and once again she fails to identify any connection between me and harassment. Where does Loboda get her ideas from!

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