There are two great attractions at St John's the Divine. Quite apart from the sanctity of the church there is aquite wonderful choir and the fabric itself is all that one would expect from a professional designer of the nenteenth century.

There are a great many lovely people in the congregation but they are not very well versed in the facts of Christianity. The two people that I asked are really nice human beings, but they were very sure of their beliefs as testified by their instant retort. The distilled essence of the question is: should followers of Christ abide by His wishes? Is it acceptable to choose to ignore flagrantly His desires?

I have never heard of Christians anywhere being able to do anything they damn well please.

Organised religeon is what it says. Organised! 98% of a congregation avoiding the Holy Communion in order to share the company of stained glass windows, brass candlesticks, an electric organ, a war memorial, etc, is an odd way of praising God when for hundreds of years other Christians actually followed His teaching without them.

I expect that this behaviour is so deeply ingrained that the congregation will continue to prefer a Service that is devoid of much that is Christian. If they realise at all that they are voting with their feet, it probably will be comforting to say "I will worship Christ as I want and not as He wished me to worship".

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