Fast Vehicles Spreading Danger

There is a present issue in the Manchester Evening News. It is vehicles parking on inappropriate ground. Dalebrook Road is a road which was designed and built 60 years ago to have parked traffic and passing traffic. Until recently no one wanted to trash the area by straying from the road, but now there is a new culture growing up.

On Saturday, 31/01/2015, a Palmer and Harvey tail lift truck decided to use Dalebrook Road as a rat run. It was driven so fast that the driver could not control the weight of the truck as it careered along the road. Meeting a properly parked car it plunged on to the green belt to travel past in relative safety.

The problem all round is that the driver need not have left the road at all if he had been driving sensibly. The road is quite wide enough to accommodate parked traffic and passing traffic. I have video material to conclusivly demonstrate that traffic does flow smoothily past.

A car was parked properly on the road opposite a concrete lamppost which was also at the kerb: so all traffic had to be usinng the road between the two kerbs.

Another issue is what was such a truck careering down a quiet leafy road like that. It certainly had no business to conduct because there is no commercial property to deliver to.

This errant traffic is going to meet its nemesis one day when a toddler is killed, but in the meantime a report will be sent to corrupt GMP in the expectation that it will do nothing. We shall be keeping tabs on what happens and it will be a fruitful source of research.

One last issue is where a few cars are parked on the pavement. These motorists cringe pathetically on the pavement secure in the notion that they are at least a little further from the panjandrum . Little do they know that their vehicles have been photographed on the pavemenet where their tyres have already stripped off the tarmac from a recently repaired surface.

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