Two police officers called by appointment tonight and what a pathetic pair they were. I had called them because of serious harassment from locals

The most pathetic thing about them was that they claimed that any history in "course of action" had already been dealt with by other officers and so those incidents were over and done with. I am mounting a third challenge to the probity and integrity of Greater Manchester Police. It runs to more than 20 issues that have been swept under the carpet.

Does that sound as if the recent history is all over and done with? See the text below.

The previous two challenges yielded issues that have already been upheld by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. So even if all 20-odd fail there is still the documentary evidence of PC Blackburn saying under oath that there were no complaints, when GMP admitted in writing that there were 19. Moreover, his Inspector Laura Burgess confirmed in writing that she had discussed all of them with him and that he had my evidential photographs.

Furthermore, he made other false claims under oath without being able to substantiate them.

By now it is well known that our gallant police officers tried to frame me by producing a document that I had never seen before. Their evidence fell over in court so the magistrates allowed an ajournment of four months for them to get their act together. Five days before the hearing they withdrew the case for lack of evidence. What shameful behaviour for Manchester's finest.

One of the officers confided sotto voce that they didn't like this web site. If they have any complaint we shall look at it, but everything is true. Could it be that they are frightened of the public finding out too much? Maybe, they really mean that they don't mind me but they don't like The Daily Mail, BBC TV News, The Guardian, The Daily Express, ITV News, The Independent, inter alia. The two raised the matter of Trafford Council owning the green and said that an approach had been made to the Council with a view to achieving a statement abandoning the green. That move would ease their lives a trifle but how can it possibly erase the perjury and the many other lies that have come from GMP?

It simply cannot turn the clock back, pretending that the lies, the perjury, and false arrests never happened. It is all confirmed in writing. The letter from the Home Office is actually from the Attorney General and it makes one special point. The police have operational independence. So, if Inspector Laura Burgess had simply told the truth (ie she was removing the community police from Brooklands) that would have been kosher. But this police Inspector wanted her cake and ha'penny as well. She stressed in writing that she had done no such thing and that her officers were still handling complaints. We now have a written admission that the truth was completely different.

There is already a statement from Council Officers declaring that the Green is "Protected Open Space", and a statement from the Attorney General that section 34 of the RTA, 1988 applies. If the council should renege on that it would interesting, but the protection only exists in so far as some one is willing to invoke the law. If a complaint invokes the law we might have a police service unwilling to provide the protection and if Trafford does not do enough to uphold the law it could could be liable to claims for compensation.

The text of the challenge is published opposite. Anyone can see that the challenge is soundly based and that inept officers can only worsen the situation by trying to have the Council renege on its obligation. Even if successful it will not address the the moral and legal failings of some officers.

It smacks of spite on the part of GMP who have come to dislike having the media publish reports of their iniquities. I cannot help with that.

The police want to research the position on who should protect the green, but it has already been comprehensively done. I trust this officer and I am sure that he is imparttial. His specialist knowledge should put the matter to rest.

Try as I might I cannot reconcile the action of these two officers with the welcome behaviour of the two previous officers who were congratulated in this web site on their agreeable behaviour..

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