This road, Dalebrook Road, was a noble road, a respectable road, and to this day many residents do not park on the pavement. For all that time no resident even dreamed of parking on the pavement to the slightest degree. Why should they? This road, from its inception, was designed and built for parked traffic and passing traffic. There are large vans and people carriers and 4 X 4's all parked properly on the road without incident.

Only newcomers without the sense to see what is happening dump their cars on the pavement. Presumably they have no idea of the 50 year history. Is that not enough evidence to convince people that parking on the pavement is unnecessary and anti-social to boot?

Some people think that it is only neccessary to allow pedestrians to walk on the pavement, but as worthy as that is, it takes no account of the bigger picture.

It is a scientific fact that this road infrastructure has not changed at all. It is scientific fact that the wider the road the faster the traffic. It is a scientific fact that the carriageway created by a properly parked vehicle is wider than a lane of the M25. Motorists who cannot deduce this for themselves have no business being on the road. One young new motorist explained that she could not afford the cost of being a motorist - fuel, road tsx, insurance, service and repairs so her solution was to dump the car on the pavement. In her simplicity, she reckoned that no passing traffic would clip her wing mirror. It didn't bother her that for nearly 60 years motorists had been parking on this road without any such incident!

The neighbourhood started to decline just a few years ago when dreadful parking on the pavement began to happen. It was just a handful but the early result was that motorists saw a big wide road and put their foot down on the pedal. Worse still they started choosing Dalebrook Road as a rat run because it was extra wide. Most traffic using this road has no intention of calling at any address here. Any time any 'motorist' parks on the pavement it makes the normal situation worse. This road is 16 feet wide. Work it out. Use a tapemeasure if neccessary.

If we are honest we must see that the majority of roads will need some degree of pavement parking even when it is illegal (not always illegal) but not in this wide road. Without pavement parking it is still wide enough for passing traffic, even the big garbage truck cruises majestically past a 4 X 4 parked properly on the road. Please note that there is no parking even on the road, within 32 feet of a junction.

I wait in hope for motorists to realise that my front door is within 32 feet of the junction. Of course, there will be no action from corrupt police officers standing idle while they wait for an exciting bank robbery or grisly murder. Happily, it will catch up with them.

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