There is a strange lack of keeness on the part of candidates for the job of Police Commissioner in Greater Manchester. In Greater Manchester the only candidate that has offered an email address is Michael Winstanley. All over England candidates are going on line and offering themselves but not in Manchester.

If one contacts the page with the candidates and left clicks on "email" we are offered a contact with the address of the company that is running the show. It expressly denies any contact with the candidates.

So, what is that all about?

Three of the five candidates in Manchester have provided no contact details at all, according to the web site. Some others are seeking questions from voters to answer on the web but not Manchester. The role is an important one because the Government adopted this measure to deal with corruption in the police service , and hopefully among judges and lawyers. If the candidates themselves cannot summon up enough interest to give contact details, then we will not be any better off.

The problem is as old as time. Quis ipsos custodes custodiet?

With little more than a week to go three of our five candidates are not permitting their intentions to be questioned - no contact details. Only one of the candidates is known to me and he has not released his email address, or anything else.

The trouble with this situation is that one cannot tell by looking at them what their intentions might be. Perhaps the answer is to vote for the one who says the right thing.

We have the same difficulty with police officers. None of those mentioned in our list of disgraced officers were known to us before they were exposed as bad apples by the media. How could anyone tell? One assumed that they were all as innocent as newborn babies, which is a real cop out. That was why they managed to lie to me for nearly two years. I actually believed, even at 68 that they must be telling the truth.

Even the two murdered police officers were unknown to us before their deaths. Hopefully, they have clean slates but there is no way of telling. With all the power that was invested in them they had the potential to be like Burgess and Blackburn. No one can tell!

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