Is our Commissioner fit for purpose?


Held to account, spectacular failure.

Just as inactive as we knew he would be.

The big cleanup - holding them to account.

Death by taser, is it part of the contract?

No, they're not getting married

The Emptyness of his words

The Tyranny of Democracy

Without any principle at all

Snouts in the trough again

Another PCC allegedly hindering the proper investigation

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A tragic Tale

Manchester Sweethearts


They are all on notice

All over now, PCC's are to be sacked

What difference has our PCC made?

So what is our PCC goig to do about those two officers

The PCC is to be examined

Is Barnardo's running GMP?

GMP is accountable... to Labour

Another false promise from the PCC

Does he expect us to take it lying down?

Why has he betrayed the community?

Did he keep his pledge?

We never had a frontline

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October 26th, 2013

It is in our own interest to check the conduct of our Police and Crime Commissioner. They can be removed every 4 years by popular vote or, sooner than that, for misconduct. It is up to the electorate to keep an eye open for renegades.

The text for today is "Making sure that victims of crime are at the centre of events from investigation, kept in touch with progress and treated with the dignity they should expect." These words are a direct quote from Tony Lloyd when he was begging for votes from the electorate to make him the Manchester PCC. Words are cheap when they mean nothing. How can we be the judges of what he has done?

If we begin at the beginning we come to the point when the whole community was the victim of hooligans who were determined to trash our green that runs along Dalebrook Road. In terms of time these hooligans were reported to the police when no one else had done anything wrong. Tony Lloyd's text assumes as almost all of us did that dedicated police officers were conducting an investigation. The truth which the police admitted was that the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) was lying to us in the many ways that it promised an investigation.

From June, 2009, to September, 2010, there were no communmity police in Brooklands and no complaints were investigated. His first few words of his pledge were totally empty. His assumption that the police would investigateand keep in touch was merely a very bad guess.

Elsewhere on this page is the clear evidence that GMP were rogue police officers who do not deserve to be holding the Queen's commission.

Should someone complain that it was early days and the PCC had not got his feet under the table, then the reponse is that at no time later did he take any action against the rogue police officers. The fact is that his specially chosen right hand man, Russell Bernsein, the CEO, was party to forwarding my first complaint to the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) of GMP in January, 2011. From that pont in time both the GMP did know of the offences being committed.

So far Tony Lloyd has not put himself in a position to deal decisively with officers that have disgraced the service. Whty did he want the job if he was unwilling to do it? I hold a letter from the Government which announced its intention to get a grip on police officers by installing elected commissiners. Soon I shall be able to reply to that letter quoting the results of this examination.

As a matter of fact there were many pieces of evidence revealing that in June, 2009, Inspector Burgess had withdrawn all community police cover from our area. I produce here an admission made by her to the IPCC nearly two years after she moved into this area. Whatever "victims at the centre of the investigation" means, it never happened none of the hooligans was ever interviewed. As for "kept in touch with progress" there was no more progress than there was investigation. "Dignity", since there was no investigation there was never any opportunity for GMP to squander time on that.

Quod erat demonstrandum

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