Candidates for Police Commissioner

We publish here the statements of the two candiates who have replied. They are both from major political parties. The other three are out of reach.

Tony Lloyd has still not put his contact details or his intentions on the same web page as the two other candidates he seems to be sailing his own canoe. However, that is not the only problem nor the big problem. From my time with the Italians in Ancoats I came to know Tony Lloyd very well, so, all things being equal I should vote for him. But I shall not do so because I think it will mean more of the same.

The corruption in the police service is running out of control while it is under the present Authority. That Authority is chaired by Labour Councillor Paul Murphy. He will be replaced by the winning candidate.

If Tony Lloyd is the winning candidate it will be much more of the same.

If one looks closely at Tony's message it will be seen that it is written by the Labour Party for the Labour Party. There is nothing in it except Labour Party dogma. He wants to throw more and more cash at the police service and increase staffing levels without any consideration for the corruption in the police.

He should know that when we have a corrupt police service we are all victims. He thinks that all victims are the product of teenage thugs. He and Paul Murphy are in the same rut.

What we really need is someone who will not be sidelined by the police service and will insist on rigorous investigation of suspect police officers and never allow himself to be lead by the nose by the Professional Standards Branch.

We need to return to the days when you could look at a police officer and know for certain that he was not a bad apple.

As I noted the arrangements for electing Police Commissioners are riddled with flaws. In October, 2010, the Government wrote to me to inform me of their plans to make the police service accountable. It's plan was to replace Police Authorities with independent commissioners.

Clearly some members of police authorities were to chummy with police by far. It was to mean an independent hand on the tiller that would bring probity to the juxtaposition of citizens and police.

It looks as if this is not to be the case. Tony LLoyd, Labour MP for Manchester Central, has a built in advantage and he is bent on maintaining police numbers (including outrageously corrupt officers) and throwing more and more of our money at thhhe officers. His spurious claim is that it will reduce crime. His stance on the crime committed by corrupt officers receives only the silent dignity of the dead.

It is a far cry from the promises that were made. It might well mean that we haaaaaaave more of the same corruption under Tony Lloyd until citizens become as unsettled as they are now.

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