Two officers associated with Trafford Council so love

our bobbies that they don't want complaints checked out

I have repeated the report on the extreme right in direct reply to two men who are associated with Trafford Council. It appears that these two men are so anamoured of our Greater Manchester bobbies that they independently tried to force me to withdraw my complaint that is going so well.

The two men are Mathew Colledge and Tony Morley.

In spite of still being sub judice they both tried to play hardball and are now awaiting the interviews that would normally follow an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

I have repeated the article from the "quality" media to challenge the amazing view from these men that neith of the officers involved in my complaint should be troubled by breaking the law.

All law breakers should be accountable but especially police lawbreakers. What are these men thinking of and what do they bring to their jobs from their outlandish views. Their private prejudices should have no bearing on the jobs that they do for us.

My only relationship with both of them is purely founded on one ratepayer to two Council Officials; one elected and one wage-earning.

The other article is to demonstrate that even if one wants to drop the corrupt police story line their corruption is too prolific to let it go.

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