Are we all equal before the law? All the experts say so, but the officer who lied about plebgate has just been jailed for 12 months. The only real difference is that Andrew Mitchell is (was) a Cabinet Minister and I am not.

Why has Pc Blackburn been allowed to lie constantly from July, 2009? Since the evidemce against him is in document form, it is self evident that he has acted as badly as Pc Keith Wallis, the officer who gave false evidence to the investigation, and Keith Wallis is now serving 12 months in jail.

In Blackburn's case;

In my lifetime there have been three serious miscariages of justice: Bloody Sunday, Corgreave, and the Sheffield football disaster. uring the first two I correctly saw through the evil machinations of politicians and police. If one were to follow the news assiduously, one could see the obvious flaws which led to the public being duped. When armed paratroopers are firing live rounds at unarmed civiliians, and seventeen civilians are lying around dead with no military casualties, then one can get a pretty good Idea of what had happened. In the Corgreave case, by faithfully checcking all the video clips it was easy to see that the police mounted charge came BEFORE THE MINERS THREW MISSILES, NOT AFTERWARDS.

The third occasion was the Sheffield disaster. Going by the early reporting it was excited football fans that caused the crush. I was misled by a clever and sustained cover up. I got it wrong.

For me the wheels of justice are grinding very slowly, but we can hope that they will grind exceeding small.

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