Police Officers over a wide spectrum appear to have a death wish.

Their misconduct is now so bold, so plain, so reckless that it would seen that no law is likely to persuade them to mend their ways. In this episode a police officer went out of his way to gratuitously deliver false evidence to support the lies of other officers. Not only did he not have any evidence, he was not even present at the time.

He was caught out by CCTV cameras which gave the lie to his claim that that he was there. One might say "surely the man must be stupid or mentally ill" but the likeliest truth is that these officers are expecting to be believed no matter what.

His tale was pure, and unnecessary, invention but he felt safe enough to make that claim. In part, it is because of the undeserved confidence that they have that they know best. They are so bold, their guilt so plain, their nerve so unrestricted, that it hardly seems to dawn on them that better standards are expected.

In my own case PC Blackburn kept up his lying for a very long period, a fact corroborated by incontrovertible documentary evidence.

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