This was the front page headline in the Manchester Evening News, a local newspaper not noted for its morality campaigns, which was faced with a tsunami of bad publicity for the Establishment and made a pathetic attempt to try to redress the balnce.

The statistics could be true - who knows - but it is a long way from the truth. In a week in which the other headlines from major national newspapers carried stories of:

If the paper is serious about printing the news, how can it ignore the above two dozen reports while printing statistics that have been spoon fed by the police?

Is it not shameful that a newspaper can ignore such a welter of truth in order to prop up a corrupt police service. In the next few days we shall print and publish the reports at the rate of two per day. Thank goodness for whistle-blowers, we can hardly rely on local newspapers to warn us when there are serious matters about.

Throughout the country, if not the world, there is a marked reluctance to speak out about our corruption. It is as if people fear the worst if they speak out, but then that will always be the case when we have bad people in a position of power.

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