Half of British police officers would never charge a colleague!!

We have written much about individual police officers, but now there is a different perspective.

Contrary to the fine words in different police codes and propaganda, half of our police officers would not be prepared to take action against one of their own with criminal tendencies. The boloni that is inscribed on police vehicles to persuade us that they protect people and catch law breakers is just that - BOLONI!

"Effective policing on the police service having the confidence of the public so it is equally important that that the Code is easy for members of the public to understand and that it reflects their expectations of how police officers should behave."

This quote is from the Government's plans seven years ago. It has not happened has it? That is because the police are so cunning that they can emasculate any attempt to make them accountable.

My own case is still being investigated three years later, and that is when there an abundance of evidence against the police.

Recently I had to have confirmatin that the IPCC were still pursuing the officers from Sale Community team of three years ago. Maybe the police are hoping that I shall die before anybody goes to prison.

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