Today we honour Britain's war dead; not all the dead, only Britain's dead! It is for some an uncomfortable fact that we ignore 99% of the dead who were not British. That's right! Only 1% of those who fell in World War II wwere actually British.

It has led to some old women mistakenly think that Rembrance Sunday is to celebrate that the British won the war.

As you can see from these stories in BBC TV, the Daily Mail, and the Guardian there is only mention of the UK war dead, or "the country... its war dead", or "the fallen". Forgotten are the dead soldiers of Auistralia, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Holland, India, Japan, Poland, New Zealand, Russia, etc. etc.

It is so tribal. We gather together to honour the dead and we only honour those with the right birth certificate. Can that be right? Such tribalism is the sort of thing that causes wars.

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