An innocent man prosecuted by self-serving

officers desperate to silence the one man

who had called their bluff

It is true that the picture opposite is a likeness of Inspector "X".In September 2009 she met with me after I had complained to Mike Todd, then the Chief Constable. For an hour we discussed the failings of PC "Y" in relation to the handling of the law breakers on the green.

At no time then or later did she confide that she had decided not to enforce the law on the green. Only in October 2010 when I was so suspicious that I wrote to the Home Secretary did it emerge that driving on any part of the green was an offence.

Having used deceipt and lies to hide for two years that they had abandoned the green to the vandals, the police finally have admitted in writing that they did not allocate any resources to protecting the green (abandoned it to the vandals).

This statement is from Inspector "X" when she admitted to Detective Superintendent P Turner, Head of Investigations, Professional Standards Branch, that she had never intended to enforce the law on the green nor to offer it protection from vandals. Remarkbly, it marks a significant progress in her attitude because several of her colleagues had gone along with her in assuring the community of their best efforts and in falsely describing the nuisance as merely parking on the edge of the green.

By this standard of truth, would she describe a murdered corpse as slightly unwell?

The orange block is an extract from the result of the initial investigation. Can you see how it lies? It suggests that PC "Y" researched the issue and "discovered" that it was Council owned. It was almost two years before he stumbled upon that fact and both officers were claiming that they knew nothing about the law.

We should make it clear that the parking was an offence and her deceitful attitude in no way makes it acceptable in law.

Her statement goes on to say that I was the only one who complained. That might also be a significant step forward because hitherto, she had claimed that there were no complaints at all. Moreover, PC "Y", her lackey said under oath that there had never been a complaint.

She is trying to forget that I was a Community Guardian and that I had been a local politician and that as such people brought their complaints to me for onward transmission to the police. Not to even mention the petition of more than 80 signatures, signed by virtually every household in Dalebrook Road, which to her embarassmrent showed the strength of feeling in the community. I am still collecting signatures again.

At a stroke, many of the lies and deceits are explained. I only wrote to the Home Secretary because I became so suspicious of the ineffectual nature of "Y"'s investigations. He was always about to bring the vandals to justice but nothing yet. When I did challenge him it was always false assurance that it would be done.

Neither "X" nor "Y" had any intention of caring for this community. During the meetings and the arrests it was always a cover up. Their problem was that I would not be quiet. I shall still be unquiet. And it is going to get even louder.

There is a litany of her lies to be made public before the elections next spring, and the whistleblower has them all logged and ready.

It all means that we have been right all along - one cannot look at a uniform and be certain that it is a decent copper. It's what is in the uniform that really counts and they don't have to have tattoos, either.

Lessons don't seem to be learned by GMP officers. At the same time that David Askew was bullied to death, "Y" was interviewing me and alleging all sorts of false incidents should be put at my door, while completely ignoring the yobs on the green. He ignored them just as much as Askew was ignored by the police. My headline was "when police don't do their job, people die". Yet in spite of GMP being slammed and roundly condemned these two officers, "X" and "Y", determined to bluff it out. They carried on denying the community their protection and designed a multitude of lies to cover it up. The behaviour of the Sale police was every bit the same as the police in Hattersley.

I am reminded again of Virgil, quis ipsos custodes custodiet, and he really knew what he was talking about.

Dalebrook Road deserves a better police service than this and the whistleblower will campaign to make sure that it gets it. We are calling upon "X" and "Y" to be gone, and soon. There is no place in a decent society for police officers who are so deceitful, so dishonest, so out of kilter with their oath and the Police Code of Conduct.

It will all come out; like tugging on a loose thread it will unravel all the way. It should make a hell of an election. An innocent man prosecuted by self-serving officers desperate to silence the one man who called their bluff. It will change a lot of things that some people think have ended.

Another reminder of what is promised:

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