Police officer sacked for

cheating on 999 calls

It is a personal tragedy for this officer but what on earth was he doing? At 58 he must have been on the last lap and ready for his pension. On the face of it, it would be a credible defence to say he lost his mind.

Nonetheless, he has been fired from his job and ruined his life. What will become of him?

If we are to be grateful for small mercies at least he is no longer able to do damage again. Another aspect is that he quite deliberately changed phone numbers to make them useless, though that act argues that he lost his mind.

In some quarters the behaviour has been called "bungling" but that implies accidental. This was no accident. Another thing is the role played by the IPCC. Was the officer sacked only after the IPCC refused to accept the police line? Did the police initially exonerate him in the hope that it might all go away?

It is telling that such behaviour results in the sack. In the case that is even now brewing against some GMP officers, it is no less serious. Most officers guilty of perjury will not only be sacked but will go to prison and any cases where there has been a miscarriage of justice automatically re-opened.

This 58 year-old officer failed to handle calls for assistance. "X" and "Y" did the same thing nineteen times and that has already been admitted, so what will happen to them? On top of that there are 8 witnesses in court who will testify that "Y" said under oath that there were no complaints. Furthermore, all that they did was deliberate and calculated. There is no chance of madness or accident. This is one clear point on which we will be utterly unassailable.

There is much more but my advice is to keep my powder dry.

Any day now GMP's Professional Standards Branch will try to square the circle by producing a half reasonable excuse for their behaviour but the more they struggle the deeper they sink.

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