When officers like this are released on to our streets

we should be concerned

This aricle should have been about fecless GMP police who have failed the community and would have demonstrated why some residents felt that they could not rely on GMP for proper support. But this item in last night's Evening News was just so apt that it took precedence over any other idea.

It is appropriate because this is almost exactly what happend to me nearly two years ago.

On the downside there were no witnesses at all in my case but on the upside the police officers were very civilised and I was always comfortable. It was caused by this crazy idea in GMP that in such an issue, the one who first complains is taken as the victim regardless of the evidence.

I was told that they would follow up with the other guy and I believed them. Months later they admitted that the chap who assaulted me hadn't even been interviewed.

I publish here the verbatim report about the incident. In fact, it happened three months before I was wrongly arrested.

"TWO police officers have been carpeted over the arrest of an innocent man.

Pcs Emma Ainsworth and Neil Parkin were given `formal words of advice' for their `poor' investigation into bricklayer Terry Lowe who spent five hours locked in a police cell for an assault he didn't commit.

Mr Lowe, 48, says he and his 12-year-old son were attacked by a neighbour when he opened the door to his home in Flixton one night in August 2007.

He dialled 999 - but the neighbour made a similar call four minutes earlier.

Days later, police arrested the married father-of-three and locked him up for five hours.

After he was released on bail, two witnesses told Mr Lowe they were willing to confirm his version of events. But Mr Lowe says that Pc Ainsworth told him she was `not interested' in taking their statements and he was later charged with assault.

The key statements were only taken months later.

At Manchester Crown Court, Judge Jonathan Geake dismissed the case.

Mr Lowe then lodged an official complaint about Pcs Ainsworth and Parkin.

An investigation by the Professional Standards Branch of Greater Manchester Police said his allegations against the neighbour were not investigated until `some weeks later'.

Pc Ainsworth was unaware of any requirement to record counter-allegations as separate reports of crime', said the report. But her failures had been down to inexperience'.

Pc Parkin had failed to make proper records and failed to forward a statement from one of the crucial witnesses to the Crown Prosecution Service, believing it would not have altered the decision not to pursue the matter against the neighbour, said the report.

Mr Lowe, who is now suing the police, told the M.E.N: "It feels like the police are pursuing a vendetta against me. The person who made the allegations about me has never been arrested or questioned."

Stretford and Urmston MP Beverley Hughes, who backed Mr Lowe, said: "This is a very disturbing case."

GMP confirmed the officers had been given `formal words of advice' by their divisional commander, Chief Supt Janette McCormick."

end of news report.

It was the same Chief Superintendent of the same Division who finally wrote and explained things. I have written to her today to tell her of my concern for the community now that these two officers have been let loose on our streets. Can it be better for our community when these officers have had no sense of fairplay and no sense of justice.

Do officers still today follow the same procedure of classifying the first to complain as the victim?

I have received the following correction. It seems only fair to put the other side as well.

Please forgive my choice of my email font!

I have received the following unsolicited comment. I believe it refers to the false arrest mentioned above:

We are told that the offence took place two years ago, the reason for delay in going to the paper was that the family had to wait on reports and investigations being done before they were allowed to speak out. The pc responded to a victim that night. Yes they did. Unfortunately they didn't respond to a 12 year old victim's father's request for assistance. Does this family not deserve the same courtesy when they report a crime?. This is the basis of the family complaint against GMP. No statements were ever taken until the involvement of an MP, ie Beverley Hughes. These statements cleared this man's name of any wrong-doing.

The PC concerned had been told about these, but she wasn't interested. When statements were finally taken a PC decided not to submit them to the CPS. When did it become the PC's job to decide? Thankfully Terry Lowe was found Not Guilty in Crown Court.

It's a shame the other person involved in this dispute never went to court to answer for the crime they committed against a 12 year old boy and his family. The action against the police is not to chase after a monetary value. The family concerned are hard-working tax-payers who deserve to be treated with respect, and if they report a crime they expect it to be investigated properly. The PC involved that night never came to the assistance of a 12 year old boy and that is disgusting!!!

I know how this family feels, but at least they had a decent MP in Beverley Hughes, thank goodness. My MP insists that he cannot become involved with the police so he does nothing more than forward the occasional letter to the Government.

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