So, who is to blame

the police won't accept the blame

We note with grave alarm that the police officers who were involved with failing to prevent the harassment of a mother and disabled daughter who committed suicide, are not to receive any punishment at all. This is spite of the case being so bad as to inspire a whole new Government unit.

This Government initiative is designed to make this sort of thing impossible. Police officers who betray the community by allowing it to be persecuted and do nothing about it, are to either be punished by their own colleagues or prosecuted in court. They most certainly will not be allowed off the hook without any sanctions at all; at least, that is the Government's idea.

But the officers in the Pilkinton case have been protected by their own kind closing ranks and whitewashing the culprits.

It tells us everything about allowing the police to investigate their own. This disgraceful display of partiality is a sorrow to us on an international scale. In terms of treachery it ranks with the racist officers of the American Deep South. Nothing can redeem our nation but a root and branch exorcising of the cancer that is an investigation of the police by the police; quis ipsos custodes custodiet (who will guard the guards themselves).

No doubt there will be a feeling of relief in the ranks of the police service, but it cannot last much longer. The blatant lack of respect for justice has caused a growing clamour for an honourable system to replace the existing dishonourable one and it will happen next spring..

Jan Berry waxes lyrical about our British Bobbies. Maybe she is not impartial - she is the Police Federation leader. It is evident that she wants us to have faith in the image of a British Bobby, strong, kind, honest, cheerful, impartial, and reliable.

But that's what it is, an image. The reality all too often is replaced with weak, cruel, dishonest, nasty, partial, and unreliable.

One may read it all for oneself here. It reads well but it might as well be from Alice in Wonderland. One can read the utopian ideals of police "Bobbies" and how wonderful the British Bobby is. Maybe she's writing for the tourists. The story that I have to tell is one of unmitigated dishonesty and betrayal of the community that Inspector "X" is sworn to protect.

I can afford to say that because her own words indict her. She decided secretly to abandon this part of Sale and intructed her officers not to action any complaints. She reckoned without the residents and the whistleblower who on their own account proved that she was lying before she admitted it.

There are only true words in this web site. Not one word was taken as false and nothing has been changed or withdrawn, nor have I been asked to change or withdraw anything. See for yourself!

There are those who guess that "X" resorted to subterfuge because she could not stand the pace and, unable to cope, determined to reduce the territiory that she operated in order to keep up with other inspectors who did cope. By reducing the actual territory she screwed the statistics in her favour. It also left us in the hands of vandals.

Jan Berry's piece says "the coalition agreement says the government will make police more accountable "through oversight by a directly elected individual who will be subject to strict checks and balances by locally elected representatives". Police officers are waiting to hear May spell out how the checks and balances will work, particularly whether the elected individual will sit alone or work as part of a team. As far as many can see the only way to success is to have someone in charge who will not tolerate police investigating police and producing a whitewash farce.

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