British Police Officers have let us down

Would the police like to say why these reports are "derogatory"? It appears to be a favourite phrase with some big, brave police officers.

It seems incredible to lay people across the world that this police officer, Sgt Andrews, is able to behave like this and only be sentenced to 6 months in prison. Yet worse than that he only served 6 days before being allowed out on appeal. The sentence was later quashed.

Just what do police officers have to do in Britain to be put away. It means we have no right to criticise American police officers from the Deep South who are blatantly discriminatory. We just have no moral right to point the finger at others when are own system is so obviously flawed.

Assaults are far from rare; the signs now are that GMP is a hotbed of police violance. Is this court sending the right signals when it thinks that this assaulted person deserves only 100? The same officer may earn enough the next time there is an icident to easily afford that without noticing it. Fortunately for them I am honest enough to say outright thhat I have never been treated badly in the way of violence from GMP. However, that same honesty compells me to keep pressing for accountability in the matter of the two corrupt officers in Sale.

I have some much waited for news to publish any day now. It should be good enough to wake people up.

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