These redpoppy people - what is there problem? Some years ago the redpoppy people made a savage assault on those who favoured the white poppy. It was a dichotomy that was characterised by the most vicious and unchristian behaviour on the part of the red poppy people.

Now the red poppy supporters have turned on a young lad who unwittingly did something daft. Can it possibly justify pillorying him as we see here. There is no law saying popies must not be burned. But there are those many people who cannot rest unless they are denouncing some innocent who has strayed a trifle.

We should not be held hostage by the red poppy supporters who have hijacked national fervour. There are situations where pillorying is appropriate but this is not it.

I think again about that wonderful Melanie Griffiths headline about MP's expenses not being illegal: "IT'S THE MORALITY, STUPID"!

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