Trafford MBC is a Rogue Council

This ancient British Democracy that we used to be so prod of - it badly needs a service. Consider how it works. The Government (in this case Mrs Thatcher's) dwells on the Bills and amends them. Only when the Bill passes through Parliament does the Bill become an Act. as Queen Elizabeth signs it in to law. "Big Ben was chiming t'was very late, and the Commons were sitting in deep debate...". Mrs Thatcher's legislators no doubt used their customary zeal to create this law but one lousey rogue Local Council can right it off by a stroke of its pen. It makes a mockery of our democracy.

One section of the Act, Section 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA), is much welcomed by the residents of Dalebrook Road in Brooklands and also much needed. Yet the police whose duty it is to enforce that law believe that Trafford MBC is prepared to issue a plenary dispensation to make certain that such a law has no effect. The electorate, which is solidly Conservative supporting Mrs Thatcher and her Government in 1988, is not to receive the benefit of laws like this because GMP is guessing that Trafford MBC is going to to give everyone carte blanche to drive on The Green in Brooklands.

It is ironic that the much hated Thatcher, by some and much loved by others, will have one of her laws denied to the electors who most want it. The chief winners will be the left wing residents who are the very people who benefit by the breaking of such a law.

But can we certain that this guesswork by the police is well founded? Would it really be in the interests of Trafford Councillors to bale out the police over this law? We shall have to wait and see how central government views its demotion to nonentities?

Inspector Burgess famously reduced the number of offences by staying well away from them. Though she was later to admit to it when her own force investigated her,for nearly two years she denied that she had withdrawn her officers from Brooklands, leaving it unpatrolled. It is one way of reducing the figures but it is not what we all expected. With corrupt officers like this any one of us could be murdered in our bed.

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