Manchester and Rotherham

two peas in the same pod

Looking at the reports from the general media, which is all that the public can go on, there is a meace nesting in our civilised country. It has contaminated several level of people who should know better; but more of that later.

The absolutely outrageous goings on in Rotherham speak plainly of the dangers surrounding a monumental majority for a single party and a member of that party using the party advantage to become the independent Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) . It has long been a tenet of British Justice that it must be free and fair, and must be done and seen to be done.

Which of those few words do two Labour Party PCC's not understand?

Of course, there are more than two. Wherever there is a monolithical majority the disciplines and boundaries are treated with contempt which is the reason why candidates for PCC must not be drawn from party hacks. In Manchester, as in Rotherham, there is a massive Labour majority. Inevitably, it has become a breeding ground for all sorts of malpractice. Tony Lloyd is a dyed in the wool Labour politician who was elected to the job without any other candidate getting a look in. He openly pledged before his election that he was a Labour man and was going to do whatever his party wanted of him.

Theretically, he is not free to do whatever his party wants of him. He is kept in line by a panel of Labour politicians and one Conservative, all councillors. If Tony Lloyd steps away from serving the community and is challenged, the only movement from panel members would be to close ranks even further.

What started off as a valiant attempt to curb the excesses of police officers has been hijacked by political parties with great big majorities. It is uncanny how similar the situations are, but the outcry from the media is not represented in Trafford. Let us see what we know:the investigation by a national legal group changes direction month by month. It is considering the toxic mixture of local police officers, already proven to be committed liars, and their dishonest relationship with equally lowly council staff. Kate Loboda joined forces with PC Blackburn to try to bully me into keeping quiet about their misconduct. These are precisely the low level officials who are even now running scared in Rotherham. A complaint to the Leader of the Council, Matthew Colledge, led to him failing to examine the conduct of Kate Loboda, by closing ranks. Is that not precisely what has happened in Rotherham?

Instead of examining Loboda's conduct, Colledge contacted his cronies in the Police Complaints dept. in the hpe of drumming up some dirt on me. Obviously, he preferred to do that rather than take an objective look at Loboda. Speaking incautiosly, the police expressed raucous and quite savage views that were totally subjective. Colledge then committed these views to Trafford's headed notepaper. Immediately, the police surfaced to offer an apology, saying that the conversation was not intended for publication. Colledge resigned but he has still been caught in the net.

The prospective PCC, Tony Lloyd, resigned confidently as an MP in order to move sideways into a cinecure of a well paid job as a PCC. He famously pledged his loyalty to the Labour Party but said nothing about the corruption of Greater Manchester Police which was a problem for him to solve. More recently, he refused to suspend his chum, Chief Constable Peter Fahy, who was under suspicion of criminal activity. This has all the hall marks of closing ranks. Precisely what has been happening in Rotherham.

It doesn't stop there, either. The Justice Minister, Grayling, was sent a report asking for him to take some action about the parlous state of Justice in Manchester given the criminal solidarity of Trafford officials and named police officers and the lack of intent by our new PCC. There was no reply and a second one was sent. Again, there was no reply. Is this the closing of ranks with a solidly Tory council?

So, the two situations have much in common. Corrupt police, conniving council staff and Councillors, a PCC from the Labour Party who is determined to protect the police rather than victims, and government Ministers who shy away from knowing what they ought to know.

In spite of all these hall marks, the Manchester dimension has failed to hit the headlines and I don't expect it will, but reports will be sent to that pretty Shadow Home Secretary, and the Prime Minister, and my local MP, not in the expectation of prompt action but as a sort of indictment when they susbsequently deny knowing what has been going on.

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