The Royal Corruption


Adolf's pitch for power.

A stench in the nostrils.

How the mighty have fallen.

A sad end.

Long, long ago...

From the sublime to the ridiculous

The newspapers cannot make up their minds

terror laws and stop and search.

Another innocent whistleblower goes down

Magna Carta for all

Scandalous NHS

The teutonlc flavour of some travel compnies

All that is wrong with the British justice system

Is there any difference between them?

The sick man of Europe.

More surprising abuse

They are all at it , are they not?.

Who signed the Magnna Carta?.

Murder is murder.

Press exposť on well hidden benefits of NHS fat cats

More and more !.

Another slice of corruption.

Establishment sex scandal.

Old news now.

Politicians at it again.

German firms again.

Politicians at it again.

Some airlines cut corners.

Let's hope that the police do a proper job.

The knives are out now.

Security is fraudulent

A ban on Asian hate preachers

Disgraced judges

Our city fathers are all guilty.

Straight from the horse's mouth.

Not since Dickens have so many children been abused.

The more they have the more they want.

It will outrank Watergate.

The divided nation.

The more they have the more they want.....

It's alwaays easier doing nothing......

Can BBC still be called a 'Trust'?...

No one wanted to know...

Not even in the third world...

While poor children die...

Folk deserve better than this from professionals

This is the worst betrayal of chidren!

Is this the worst sort of betrayal for a child?

Social Is it the general malady...?

Social Workers betray their own standards

The grooming goes on and on

Trusted professionals no longer trusted

A man of straw with feet of clay

While paedophiles make free Dolly is entertained

A tax on Tribunals

Only 'fools and horses'

Poedophilia judge appointed

Tory tax dodgers

Big business and more dodginess

The Home Office coached witnesses

Who is the more corrupt Council or Police?

This decadent society stinks!

This decadent society stinks!

CONFIRMED Thathcher's poedofile ring.

Shades of Christies Hospital.

Prestigious schools - ugh!.

Brittan's investigations spreading.

Depraved naval Lt.

More leaks about Brittan.

Brittan story set to run and run.

FGM offered by a 'doctor'.

Corrupt police tangling again with government.

Judge not thyself lest...

Thatcher's horrifying friends

Sporting life of a different kind

It gives angels a bad name

The commons bitching about pay

Fancy making a bomb in prison

Rolling heads don't keep pace with the guilty

What an incredible fiasco

Ukip looks as if it will replace Tories

Robocop is upon us

Incompetence: 10th order of magnitude

Everything that we hold most dear

The highest, most privileged, most influential in the land

Filth everywhere

Simply shocking

Dark,dark corners

Rotherham is only the tip of the icberg

The courts are not immune

It should be taken seriously...

Thatcher was warned that private energy would lead to unaffordable prices.

We behave like sheep.

Our troops were animals

Who ever said they were protecting the public

The police and witnesses have no respect for oaths

One law for police and another for everybody else

Are the UK MIlitary saints?

Welsby's problems

Wonderful news

Compromise between faiths

Anglicans come down hard on on dissenters

Magistrates in jail and murky justice

Some CEO's deserve to be sacked

Our good name has gone

Just in time

If the Anglicans cannot get the simple basics right what chance have the difficult ones

Royal Marines are charged with Murder.

17 dead bodies scattered around and the army only fired 3 rounds!

PCC's fiddle while UK is corrupt

No coffee unless you worship the organist

Denunciations are like falling rain

Is the CPS any better than the rest of the criminals?

Even judges can be guilty

Melanie Phillips knows best

Corruption is alive and well and living in the British Army

When will we have "clean hands" again?

British marines are arested on murder charges.

Brooklands candidate refuses to justify his election address.

PCC snouts straight into the gravy train

Top cop's automatic knighthood

Top Brass go for cushy jobs.

Corrupt MP's pleed guilty to corruption.

Corrupt MP's and Senior police officers should take warning.

Another corrupt lawyer in the CPS.

Institutional corruption in prison

Hillsboro and Miners

Have we to be so helpless?

Suspicion of malicious allegations

All British courts are corrupt!!

The Crown and a Specific Case

Brooklands councillors in the frame

Prisons are no better than any other of the "royal" services

Government and Armed Services, corruption is all grist to the mill

The Met tries to gag the press, and a court tries to take someone off "the Net".

Is there any part of the establishment that we can trust?

A slap on the wrist for real criminals and the very top cop exonerates his officers before he has seen the evidence.

Police and MP's lowest form of life - Official

Last updated:

October 25th, 2013

This part of the web site is reserved for the corruption of all the Crown Serices: The Police Service, the Judiciary, the Parliament, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Prison Service, the Civil Service, and the Military.

The sole common factor is that they are all owned by the Queen as Head of State. Is it not time that our Head of State used her influence if not her power to bring some honest reform to all of these services that claim to serve the public or the country but in truth only bring it into disrepute? The wickedest of all is undoubtedly the Police Service and the contortions that the Professional Standards Branch goes through in an attempt to prove every officer completely innocent are blatantly obvious.

What is Queen Elizabeth doing if she is so careless of the damage her Police Service is doing to our country?

In this web site we intend to expose the corruption that lies festering in all these above mentioned services. We shall pluck from the public domain the blemishes on her crown for the benefit of the entire nation.

It will form a work of non-fiction, aimed unashamedly at the U.S. market.

The only thing still to be decided is should we keep a score according to each separate service or count them all together?

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