Well, the die is cast. Scotland will now be either with us or against us.

It sems that the two camps in Scotland are now running neck and neck. If the "YES" vote wins then Scotland will have the opportunity to divert its defence funds into welfare. Relieved of the oppressive weight of defending the realm, who would not be tempted to live a little high on the hog with its new found mad money.

Neither Russia nor China are going to invade Scotland but if it did happen Britain would surely have to intervene along with America. Neither would want a communist state running Scotland. So, what has Scotland got to lose?

By definition, Scotland would have become a weak state by not bothering to pay for its defence and other neighbouring states, maybe Denmark or Norway or even Britain, would want to compete for Scotland's oil. After all, Scotland could not do much about it.

Then everyone would be better off - except Scotland. It claims to own the North Sea oil but the trouble is, that's where it lies, in the middle of the North Sea. There is not much that is Scottish about North Sea Oil and Gas. The first nation with a couple of destroyers or even a fish factory could sail up and take it.

It is all very unseemly, that both sides should be so desparate to win. It would have been much better if the Scots had had some time to think quietly about what they want. Scotland has always been an expensive place to run. The news that the Royal Mail would disappear means that a postal service will be a difficult thing to afford. Of course, electronics would help a place like the remote parts of Scotland. But there other businesses where costs would increase.

We shall see what we shall see.

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