Unless I am very much mistaken, the promise on the right is just the same old tired and discredited one from a few years ago. Nothing has changed certainly nothing has improved.

Not only has the leopard not changed its spots, it is evident that GMP has never changed its dishonest words.

Pictured oh the left is baby face Inspector Burgess. She, too, has not thrown off the mantle of lying and deceit. She says "my officers are continuing to work effectivelywith our partners to reduce crime, disorder, and antisocial behaviour across the Borough and we have achieved some significant..."

One cannot trust her baby face looks. We trusted her in June 2009, never knowing that she was lying through her teeth for at least 27 months.

It was only in September 2011 when she was cornered by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) that she chose the better of two evils and finally admitted the shocking truth. She had secretly withdrawn ALL her officers covering Brooklands, Sale, even while offering many assurances that her officers were still on the ground and dealing with our own antisocial vandals. She is incredibly dishonest and very dangerous.

While she continues to be in charge of Sale we can never be safe, and feel that our security is in caring hands. Her words are even now bluffing us. She was ever one for quoting statistics that might lead us to believe her success but the IPCC has raised several offences against the public order.

They include false arrest, a custody sergeant acceppting that arrest when he should not have, allegations of highly unlikely harassment, perjury (confirmed by the trial judge to my lawyer), and feeding recycled evidence to the Court Prosecution Service (CPS).

There can be no doubt that this deceitful officer has been very selective in her choice of surveys. We don't need to be selective at all. Over 100 residents and walkers have signed a petition to have the police stop the motor propelled machines driving on the grass. Only the vandal families did not appear on the list. Yet the Burgess policy was to describe these three families as my neighbours while omitting to mention the other families that were really my neighbours.

As a police officer there is nothing solid and dependable about her. We would be foolish to rely on her word.

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