Our tired old roads are having a much needed face lift. It will be just another "lick and a promise" with a scattering of loose chippings to make it look better.

Another thing that is noticeable right now is that the rates notices are being delivered. We hope that Inspector Burgess featured opposite is sensitive to the rates we pay. It was this police officer who withdrew all community police cover from Brooklands, Sale, in June 2009.

She finally admitted it to the IPCC in September 2011. When and if the community police service was replaced we cannot tell but the "interregnum" lasted 27 months minimum.

Since the PCC charge is 135 we presume that 135 should be the value of the community police service for which we all paid but never had. This is likely to be an election issue with all of us being owed 27 X 11:25. That means we have been robbed of at least 303:75 by the very police officer who was tasked to protect us.

It is a scandalous situation and there is no mistake. Burgess's confession was in writing and there can be no mistake that we were robbed. What made it much worse was that she and her officers constantly denied the fact until the IPCC took an interest.

Then she was trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. If she continued to pretend that she was doing her job then she had a score of complaints to account for. Since her oficers had obeyed instructions to ignore anything from our area she would have been in the focus of national criticism of police ignorance of complaints.

It would be marginally better to admit to shameful lying to the community rather than abandoning her duty.

And that's what happened; she finally told the truth to the Professional Standards Branch of GMP, and to the IPCC. In her natural quest for advancement she sold us down the river in the expectation that there was greater glory over the hill.

Worse still, she colluded with her corrupt officers to allow lying to the public to reach shameful levels. Even perjury was tolerated. My lawyer questioned the judge, Justice LLoyd, about it and the trial judge has confirmed what was actually said under oath.

Later, there was an attempt to frame me which cannot be placed at any particular door.

GMP officers acted with alacrity (maybe they had fore knowledge of it). At the time I was arrested, I too acted with alacrity, going on total hunger strike before they could interview me. They could hardly wait to ship me off to hospital.

Their case was presented in time but it was a shambles. The magistrates gave them a four month adjournment to get their act together. A few days before the case was due it was withdrawn for lack of evidence.

Something else was revealed through this course of action: PC Paul Blackburn offered a list of "intelligence". It was none other that the rantings of a police officer who had no evidence of anything but had used his position to type into the computer vicious make believe. It covered two A4 pages and was roundly condemned by the court when it adjourned.

We didn't know that the police were allowed togive vent to their feelings and present them as evidence. Of the two typewriten pages only a handful of words were not struck out.

We want to know why these disgraced officers are still on the loose in this area. The Professional Standards Branch has still not completed its investigation, but neither has it suspened either of them. Parents of children ought to be wary of these officers. They have little respect for either PACE or doing their duty in the normal way.

We shall make sure that it is a point of discussion in any election in Brooklands, Sale.

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