Sir Peter Fahy, seen here with Mr Cameron, has been whinging on about there not being enough cops on the ground to tackle vandalism. Well, that's completely wrong. In June 2009, Inspector Laura Burgess withdrew all her community officers from Brooklands, Sale. But she was not man enough to admit to what she had done. She repeatedly assured us that her men were still on the ground dealing with the vandals.

It was not until October, 2011, that she made a clean breast of it. Her admissin to the IPCC was that she had weighed everything up and decided to let Brooklands go hang.

As an operational matter she had the right to withdraw her men, but she had no right to lie to us for about 2 years. I will say outright that this latest declaration is just another GMP lie. I challenge the Chief Constable to explain publically why his men associated with our vandals in Brooklands. I doubt that he will accept the challenge because there is nothing he dare say.

They were not just thin on the ground; they were nowhere near our ground.

Worse was to come. As the secrecy fell away we realised that the officers had betrayed the community by throwing in their lot with the vandals themselves. Not one independent witness was interviewed not one vandal stopped. Everything was known about the vandals: who they were, where they lived, where they worked, etc.

GMP had to do nothing more than pay them a visit and they could not even do that.

An odd sort of report is on this page. Where should it go? It doesn't go with disgraced officers; it doesn't go with royal corruption; nor with history or photos. So it has to finish up as Manchester's burden. Make of it what you want.!!!

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