How can we be fairly judged by by illiterate coppers

Recently there was a report that police officers are in the top 20% of earners. Why, thern, are we in this ridiculous situation where cops can barely write their names? Is this any recommenation for citizens to rely on the skills of police officers?

The term "wooden top" has long been one of derision but maybe it is truer than we all imagined. Surely it is unacceptable that our great nation is actually in the hands of these buffoons.

At this rate, what will foreigners and allies and Commonwealth cousins make of us?

One has to wonder how much the revision of document by those who are literate must be costing the taxpayer; and in view of the tasteless and elaborate funerals of late why is the police service so profligate? Let us hope that when the police no longer run their own show that we will all be better off.

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