In 1955, building in Dalebrook Road was completed. Parents came with their children but over the next 20 years most of them grew up and moved away. The road was silent, gone were the excited screams of children.

It might nhave been a rather sedate road by then but since most of the residents were professional that seemed a stroke of good luck by many households. One of the few breaks in the monotony was the occasional game like cricket or football.

Then Tony Guy moved in with his two delinquent sons.

To encourage more use of the green and more respect for it, an informal sports day was planned. It was backed by Manchester City Council (MCC) and St John's church on Brooklands Road gave it valuable support. Notices were put up and the local children became excited. All that was needed was good summer weather. It was due to happen on the Manchester side of the brook around the 8th August, 2009.

That was when it was interrupted by the Guy lads and their gang. Complaints to the police along the road brought in corrupt police officers who teamed up with the vandals and complained to MCC. Regular readers of this web site will already know why I make that accusation. The approaching weather was horrid and it seemed that the right thing was to reluctantly fold up the sports day.

What goes around comes around, and to this day the very people who did so much damage to the green are enjoying its amenity. If anyone doubts the damage done to the green, with the conivance of the police, they should checkout the photographic evidence under the Historical tab in this web site.

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