Blatant and Official lies (Well Documentd) used as Evidence

These two reports are real and genuine but are also incedible. Rotherham Concil is still in denial according to reports. How can it be possible that elected officials be so blind about gross criminality? It beggars belief.

The other report is close to my heart. This is British law at its worst. The allegation of stalking is universaly misused. The police often use its wide open remit to bring unfounded allegations. There is little protection for a victim. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is supposed to make sure that 'evidence' is true, but in my case blatant and documented lies by the police were accepted by a judge because they were offered under oath by a police officer. How can a CPS prosecutor be satisfied that the evidence is true when documents from his Inspector contradict it?

The CPS is supposed to respond to a complaint within one month. I expect they were nervous of my complaint because they pretended that I was seeking legal advice. Not a bit of it. I offered the CPS the official documents which fully contradicted the evidence that they had supposedly checked for veracity and they refused to reply. I wrote to the chief herself and again they were unable to deny their criminal offences.

To put it into perspective, more legal advice put the minimum cost at 20,000 ($30,000) and would probably fail because of the corruption in every direction. This story deserves to be heard but the same judge at the same time imposed on me a gagging order. I may not mention the names of any of the vandals nor the names of any employers of the vandals. My researches revealed that only 4% of charges related to genuine stalking (following), but 96% were related to any other business.

This bad law was rushed through the House in only half of a day and was a knee jerk reaction to a stalker's crime.

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