Once again police officer blunder about like bulls in china shops. It seems that they are unaware of the havoc they wreak.

What can be more deliberate than hacking into one's Facebook account and substituting their own password. This nurse has gone through so much on account of "Bluto" police officers that the only surprise is that she is only asking for 100,000 in compensation.

As for Mr Cleaver's ordeal, it surprises no one that GMP officers would tread so heavily in such a case. Anyone can go to the wrong address - that isn't the issue. But to compound the mistake by rattling the dead father's urn is simply shameful. Mr Cleaver has a right to be compensated and I hope he makes an application.

In my own case, GMP do not seem to have tumbled to the most obvious thing. If its ploy of only pretending to send me a deadline had succeeded, my incontrovertible evidence would still be there for a court case. The evidence is self-sustaining. Even if the GMP are trying to ignore it, it will still be there to be used in court; without the need for a witness or an anecdote to stiffen its backbone.

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