The orange block to the right is a quote from the initial report from the Professional Standards Branch (PSB). It claimed as usual that no one had done anything wrong, except perhaps me. It was standard procedure to announce first of all that the police were all innocent.

Notably, this report falsely claimed that the only one dissatisfied with the police was myself. It carefully omitted to say that I had been complaining on behalf of others, a fact that the IPCC later picked up on from its own investigation.

It also failed to mention that virtually every household in Dalebrook Road was represented in a petition against driving on the green belt. Including dog walkers on the green from local areas there were well over 100 signatures. Only Hazel Kimmitt of Trafford Council and her police contact know what was said, but it killed off the petition.

The petition was sent to Cllr Higgins who forwarded it to Hazel Kimmitt. Receit of it was not acknowledged but when Hazel Kimmitt agreed to kill it off there was a brief but false message to the effect that there had never been any complaints.

It is worrying that this converstaion is so secret that citizens are not allowed to know what was said. I was given to understand that the police sank the petition by saying that there had been no complaints at all.

What can we expect when the three Conservative Councillors approach the corrupt police with uncritical adulation. As representatives of the ordinary folk in Brooklands, Sale, they leave a lot to be desired.

Of course, the initial report, though late, came too soon to comment on the widespread support of local people in the 2012 local elections. We had 300 leaflets which is not very many certainly not the 5,000 required to leaflet the whole ward. But even without our own vote which was missed we garnered 117 votes. We did not hide our stance; my slogan was "STOP CORRUPT POLICE IN SALE". There was no mistaking where I was coming from. With a typical turnout it would seem that virtually every vote from Dalebrook Road and Newlyn Drive voted for me and against the police.

In spite of the petition and the decision of the voters, these feral councillors are doing what they have always done. To this day they fawn over corrupt officers as if they were close relatives.

PC Paul Blackburn, our Community officer, it is said "found" that the Protected Open Space was Council owned. It took him almost 2 years to make the discovery even though every piece of furniture had "Trafford Council" stamped on it.

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