15:14 29/04/2016

Mr ??? ??? MP has made it clear that he has no beef with ordinary coppers, it is the highley placed discredited coppers that he is against. Does he not know that all these discredited senior figures that he is blaming were at some time very lowly placed discredited coppers.This sort of thing comes about when politicians try to run witth hare whilst also hunting with the hounds.

The bible story of Sodom and Gomorrow comes to mind where not even one honest man could be found. Does he really think that there is even one honest police officer who has never exceeded his authority or taken advantage of his exalted position to benefit his own good in some small way. Can they really be so lily white when the system acknowledges the gross failures of coppers every day of all ranks.

If people keep their feet on the ground they should be able to accept what is widely believed to be the truth about mortal men who also become police officers.

we also can point to the lady who used to walk a tibetan terrier. She works in social services in the company of some police officers. She cannot accept that any of these police officers would be so venal as to accept a free bacon sandwich if it were offered, or become heavy handed if he were involved in a car accident which put him/her on the spot, or casually use his mobile while driving to the office. It does the reputation of the police no good when it is besmirched by irrational claims about how perfect police officers are.

The same gooes for claims like "All our fans were well-behaved". Who can possibly know how ALL the fans behaved - just a few of them or a lot of them, but surely not all of them.

We have witnessd the ignoble surge of the fans when the gates were opened. It was self evident. They could easily have behaved better. But the inquest has absolved them from all blame.Surely this is just as false as the origunal concluion which absolved the SYP from all blame. This will run and run.

If ever there was an opportunity to clean up British Justice then this is it. Mr ???? claims English justice has been tarnished, The problems are UK wide. Has he forgotten that Northern Ireland is still in the UK? Has he forgotten that the highest judge in the realm took a look at the Bloody Sunday Massacre and declared that the dead Catholic protesters had died from natural causes or, at any rate, not because of any illegal act by good old British paras.

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