I never fail to be inspired by the kindness of good individuals among our congregation. A simple request for used plant pots for refilling and donating to the church resulted in an avalanche, a flood, of pots. They will all be sterilised with Jeye's Fluid and then used for plants to be potted on. I am sincerely grateful for them.

The worshippers are nearly all women and very often even older than me. I have made one male friend who turns out to be someone who worked on "industrial" electricity. I don't know what else to call it. We gelled when I started talking to him about computing and followed up with some of my impedimenta from the days when I was an electronics enthusiast (1970's). He returned the compliment by telling me about his world of heavy electricity. There was some overlap, but quite a lot was new to either one of us. It is a friendly place.

It is also a strange place. There is a reluctance to admit that they don't know the answer to a question. In such a situation, they answer with such certainty that it almost borders on bigotry. This is an example: when there was a Sunday service but without the Eucharist (Holy Communion) and the Eucharest was elsewhere and later, 98% of the flock avoided the Eucharest and went to the Service instead. I couldn't help but ask myself "why was this so?"

What did the Service have that made it more desireable than Holy Communion? There are brass candlesticks in the Service, and stained glass windows, and an electric organ, and a war memorial, etc. But Christ never ever mentioned these things because nobody would know what they were. However, he went out of His way to tell us to go to Holy Communion; "do this in remembrence of me".

So I asked two highly placed members of the congregation. What part did stained glass windows play in the life and mission of Christ? The first one said "they told the story of Christ when people could not read". That's a very good answer but not to the question I asked. The second one was asked the same question and replied "the choice is left to the individual".

Well! Isn't that strange? The answer is that none of the items at the Service were around at the time of Christ. So they played no part in his life or mission. But where on earth did the choice spring from? Is Christianity like a set of card carrying trade unionists who will decide how Christianity will be exercised? Did Christ expect His followers to avoid Holy Communion in order to decide their own protocol? Did He expect them to simply reject His invitation to the re-enactmment of the Last Supper?

I expect that He never expected them to behave so disdainfully towards His massive sacrifice on the cross. Yet the obvious answer to the question was "I don't know". They could not utter those words.

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