The death of Lady Thatcher has revived all the awful divisions for which she was responsible. There will be millions of words printed and spoken from her cronies and world leaders.

No one here is properly qualified to assess that aspect of her.

For me the significant properties of her reign were the small callous things in which she failed so demonstrably. Those failings would be the the caring and compassionate things which any human being would seek for those around them:

These failings I regard as calous. Had she been more caring the airborne radar would have been replaced before the fleet was expozed. In 1982 it was significantly more at risk than at 1939. Did she care? For the sake of a couple of days the sleeping bags and other equipment would have been in the Falklands with the men, and so would the Chinooks.

Some have greeted her death with cheering but I'm not one of those. Anyone's death is cause for grieving. She has been described as brutal and cruel and a great leader. The world has seen plenty of those and rarely has it made them "great". Franco, Musselini, Gaddafi, Mubarek, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Pinochet, and Polpot come to mind. There was nothing "great" about condemning thousands, even millions, to a cruel death. These too were towering figures in the same mould as Thatcher. Thank God none of the countries they represented felt inclined to give them an elaborate funeral.

She was very divisive and never more so when she stuffed the mouths of police officers with gold so that they could not protest as she bribed them into becoming her own private army. She was cruel without justification. I never saw any justification for sacking the people at GCHQ simply because tthey were represented by a TU.

On the other hand I could not see any bbad thing about the poll tax, so who am I to sit in judgement. I believe that the bullet points above are ample justification for labelling her a cruel, brutal, and vindictive woman. She certainly kept any other women at arms length. There were capable and pretty women around but she never allowed any of them into her cabinet.

She revelled in being the only woman around and I find it a fitting end to her political career that she was rejected on behalf of her country by her own party. When she left office she left a country so divided that there was not a single Conservative MP in the whole of Scotlannd and nearly the same in Manchester.

It is a shame that there are so few objective people around; near me there are some caring, compassionate women who still regard Thatcher as a saint, but never try to justfy that assessment.

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