Mrs Thatcher has in recent times been derided and even pilloried and most of all by Conservative publishers. They seem to forget that she is an ex-Prime Minister and deserving of the respect that the position carries with it.

They keep on publishing unflattering images of her as if it doesn't matter. She is an ex-Prime Minister and that is all she is. Who benefits from the sniping at an old, demented woman?

Personally, I hate the thought of any politician being given a State Funeral and I hope that it doesn't happen. She is only human and likely has done some bad things in the past, but that is the past. There are not many of us as pure as the driven snow; certainly not in the world of politics, still less in the dark, murky world of police officers. There is no proof that the two officers recently murdered were good or bad but they were given such an elaborate funeral that they may as well have been state funerals.

So, if we give such funerals to young women who are not proven to be beyond mere mortals, then any Tom, Dick, or Harry may have them.

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