I do really believe that we should offer respect and courtesy to thatcher as we should to anyone. The protests are distasteful and unpleasant. Why therefore do I hope that the protests are many and loud on the day.

This awful and elaborate funeral for the dead is being rammed down the throats of half the country and those unwilling mourners have to pay for it to boot.

Without protests how else may they object to it.

It is not as if there is no division. From the publicity shown here it is very clear that this personality was no more popular than Stalin, Franco, Mugabe, Saddam Hussein, Mubarak, Pinochet, Hitler, or Mussolini.

Anyone who feels like challengiong that should pause for a moment to remember that not one Conservative MP was elected from the whole of Scotland. What's more not one Conservative was elected to Manchester City Council. If that is not polarisation I don't know what is.

Will they say that the whole of Scotland or the whole of Manchester is biased to the extent that no one with a blue rosette can succeed?

One newspaper had the headline that "Margaret Thatcher: An iron lady born with a will of steel". Much the same could be said of Stalin, Franco, Polpot, Saddam Hussein, and Mao Tse Tung. Intransigence is not a virtue, it is a great weakness. Intransigence ignores opportunities and fosters mistakes.

Generally, the Tory newspapers brand anyone who objects to the funeral as "Leftist". It is as predictable as Mao Tse Tung and his cries of "American running dogs of war". It is the sheer predictability that ruins the point they wanted to make. It is a testimony to their calculated blindness that has some newspapers saying that she must have been a great leader because she was so stubborn.

Her intransigence with regard to the poll tax was the immediate cause of her down fall. It was a decent thing that her cronies did to relieve the electorate of the job, but that only resulted in they greyness of John Major, to be followed by an unhealthy avalanche in favour of Labour.What a strange thing. In principle I backed the the poll tax all the way. But it mignited the fuse. The hoi poloi would finally pay their fair share for services as individuals. That was what the electorate could not swallow. It was a pity she was so antagonistic to the Communists - "each according to his needs" might have carried the day.

She was always safe attacking the weak and the poor. Early on, as Minister of Education, she snatched the school milk from children. It was not worthy of her. It saved very little money compared to what she was to spend on her police; but they could not fight back, could they? She was not ever full of courage.

From the safety of her office she sent armed executioners to kill off unarmed Irish Catholics on the streets in Gibralter. They were gunned down very much in the same fashion as the Chicago gangsters dealt with their rivals. She was not ever full of courage.

"Well, she stood up to Europe didn't she!" Actually she had very little success with Europe. I remember several occasions when her Government had made decisions which were bad decisions and promptly were trumped by Brussels. I was not a true European but I was glad of the Brussels sound common sense at the time. Brussels was a saviour as Thatcher took a stroll round the wilder shores of madness.

I understand that the Australian Premier has claimed that she was "unabashedly racist". I cannot make that out. I know a lot about Thatcher but not anything to do with being racist. Given her "odd" personality it iiiiis entirely believeable that she was racist.

In my report of a couple of days ago I have already dealt with the misunderstanding of the Falklands war. Were her admirers for that mainly women? If so it would explain why amateurs in warfare would see it as a resounding victory. They would probably not notice the glaring mistakes made, that were entirely preventable:

At the end of the day she is worthy of our respect but it is also obvious that the coalition Government has hijacked her funeral for grubby political purposes and it is right to object. Let us all hope that the hijack does no good at all.

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