It would seem that the Scottish decision making is raking over old coals. The recent history of Scotland has been re-written to accommodate the fall from grace of the Conserveative Party north of the border in Scotland. There is ample evidence that the Union has been composed of disparate states for decades, so it should not come as a surprise that one of the elements looks like drifting off.

The poverty in the remotest parts has been thoughtessly exaggerated by mind boggling ideological blunders.

Thatcher's lack of compassion and stubborness that her view must be put into implacable practice is what is now bubbling to the surface of Scottish dichotomy. She certainly did ride roughshod over the hoi polloi. She famously withdrew the school milk ration - a move that now government is struggling to re-instate. If it is so right now, why was it so wrong then?

The poll tax was what really killed her off. It had much to commend it but the entire nation rose up against it. Instead of being one nation, favoured spots improved; spots favoured by Thatcher, that is. She did certainly turn the nation into a ferment.

The writing was on the wall when not one single Conservative was elected in the whole of Scotland. As one wag put it "a Conservative free zone".

The Falklands War, hailed as a great victory, will be seen by history as a shambles. She presided over the running doown of our defence forces, then sent off the fleet to what was without adequate resources. At a time of technological progress the fleet was hardly better equipped than in WWII. There was no radar to plot incoming Argentinian planes. All but one Chinook helicopter were sunk on the way down. Soldiers had to march, "yomp", to war. Some, notably the Welsh Guards were unequal to marching. Because of marching, sodiers had their legs blown off by land mines. Even then, soldiers that could not march and were blown up by the Argentinian Air Force were hailed as heroes simply because they had the privilege of being caught and injured.

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