Is there no level to which Thomsons will not sink?

In spite of the dreadful death of a lovely young mother at the hands of the Greek hotel it was not until after the inquest that Thomsons admitted that her death was entirely avoidable. Her death was caused by an allergy which had been made known to Thomsons and caused a catastrophic anaphylactic shock to her healthy body.

The Greek pathologist thought that her death was due to heart failure.

"The inquest revealed that that neither the hotel's own management nor Thomson had launched investigations into Mrs Thompson's death." Mr Thompson thought that this was awful. Did the Germans on the Board have no compassion, was what people in Sale thought.

If this is coincidence, surely it is a very strange and rare coincidence, but can the devious behaviour in 2010 have contributed to the coincidences. Should not Thomson's be called to account? By blatantly ignoring the outrageous behaviour of a member of their flight crew in 2010, they showed that their code of conduct was a chocolate kettle.

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