To me this story was gut-renching! Of all the things a 12 month old child might suffer from, cancer is the most frightful.

Thomson Holidays is fast becoming a stench in the nostrils of more honest men.The alpps crash was a solid indicator of how much the Travel Compaany Germanwings was concerned about the safety of its customers, but much earlier in 2009 Thomson had dealt a powerful blow to its image. While the CAA was expecting it to discharge its duty of care, it actually was reporting to the police that it had had a warning from the community but wanted the corrupt police to put a stop to it. There was no examination of the vandal, no duty of care observed.

This glossy poster privided by Thomson is intended to fool customers into believing that it is a wonderful friend to children. The ulterior motive is exposed in this damning refusal to have sympathy for the Frayn-Elliott family. Like so much of Thomson it is just propaganda.

I expected it to be an honest to goodness holiday company spreading joy and lighht, but it turned out to be an authentic example of teutonic callousness. I do hope that Mrs Frayn-Elliott got as much compensation as she deserved.

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