Do you remember the Germanwings plane that seemed to have deliberately crash dived into a mountain. As the tale unfolded the German Chairman went to great lengths to protect his Company from a bad press.

I read that the pilot was mentally disturbed and had taken this way out - pity about the passengers who all died in the incident. Not for the first time had a German chairman of of a holiday company paid scant regard to indications of mental ill-health. Apparently, those in command ignored signs that might have caught the sickness before the pilot took to the air.

It is a serious lapse to take a chance on lives when there are signs of instability in an aircrew. I started by saying "not for the first time". If one can cast our minds back to the autumn of 2010 one may remember that there was a group of vandals roaming around on The Green. A major supporter of the vandals was Hayley Kitson who I said had behaved like a fish wife. Because of her eratic behaviour I wrote to the CAA for advice. I did not name the person or the company but asked what should be done in the situation.

Overwhelmingly, the staff agreed that because instability at 30,000 feet was so dangerous the duty of care for the company should lead them to do a check on the employee.

Nothing was done! Instead of checking the employee the Company did not even reply. However, a litle later PC Paul Blackburn emerged with the request claiming that I had harassed her by trying to get her the sack. The Holiday Company had reported my request to the police instead of examining the employee. I had not even mentioned her name, far from trying to get her the sack shse was being ppprotectged even by me.

It seemed to me that the police (PC Paul Blackburn), the CPS (Cheryl Hraniac), and the Judge (Judge Lloyd) were all crooked. From what I have found out in my researches over the last five years there is plenty of room for pointing the finger of aspersion at all of them and it is in this web site that the evidence shall appear. I can only thank God for preserving me long enough to tell this tale that must be told. The bill is paid up for some years for the web site to run.

Finally, this web site points out two reports where staff have beeen central in behaviour that is damaging to the Company. One has to wonder since they were both very local, does Sale attract to itself all the bad press for this Company or are the complaints so thick on the ground that all towns and cities will have the pleasure of half a dozen such complaints. Should this Company not have some sort of standard code?

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