This is another warninng for those intrepid holiday makers who come up against one of Thomsons employees. Maybe all of the flight crew are hostile to customers and potential custom,ers. Clearly, Thomsons have yet to learn that their business is in satisfying customers but no one would believe it from the hard news that follows the air crew around.

When Thomsons received a polite letter giving them the heads up on a wild flight attendant it knew what was required by lay but that would have put them on the same level as all the other ordinary mortals and they were too full of their own importance to stoop to that level. Ironically, the perverse Judge Lloyd protected the Company from anyone learning the truth by placing a gagging order on me.

I shall write to the CAA again to see if there is anything that can be done. It might not be too late.

The German holiday companies have become well known forignoring the mental illness of somme of their flight crew. I hope that this poor lady can take heart from the experiences of others. The m,ain part of the season is upon us and this web site stands to bear witness to the Companies attrocious recognition of mamon when it ought to be dealing with its staffs' short comings. We all deserve better than this Company offers. Let no one settle for a bagatelle, or an ice cream, or false promises before consulting professional help.

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