This is the man who must be watched. It is Police Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester Tony Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd, like all our candidates has been remarkably silent about what he will do in his new role. However, in an interview with the press he has just said that he "would serve, without fear or favour, every man, woman and child from whatever background over the years that I hold this office". It is now up to us to hold him to his promise only in this way shall we know if he is as good as his word.

I have already presented him with the certain corruption of two police officers who used to work Sale. Almost all the issues have already been agreed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It should be very illuminating just how he tries to square the circle.

The Professional Standards Branch (PSB) of GMR has been dragged kicking and screaming towards condemning these two officers and it will speak volumes if he tries to support the PSB against the IPCC.

All the documentary evidence in my case has been made available to him.

The gauntlet is on the ground before him!

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