I have included this report because it is high time my own illness was recorded. Just as Andrew Michell's family and himself suffered, it has been no picnic for the Bearfields.

There is a long list of distressing complaints that naturally belong at the door of the Greater Manchester Police. It is clear that for much of the time between June 2009 and this year several officers were lying outrageously, finishing with a Community Sergeant trying to persuade me that our green was really "common land" and that motor vehicles could drive on the first 45 feet of it with impunity.

Unhappily, he was betrayed by the Register of Common Land which had no record of the green being common land. The same officer tried to tell me that Brooklanfds had never been without motor patrols touring Dalebrook Road and others.

He shut up like a clam when I told him that Inspector Burgess had admitted to the IPCC in writing that she withdrawn her officers from the this part of Sale.

It is almost creepy the similarity of the two situations. The plabgate officers gave a false account of what was said at a meeting. In the same way, in June 2009 PC Blackburn made one allegation against me after another. All of them were lies. I refused to sign his pocket book because every word was false.In September of 2010 Inspector Burgess with sgt Barron met me. I wrote up my account as contemporaneous notes within the hour. Inspector Burgess wrote her totally false account the following January. It just depends on who is believed. I have never lied and yet both officers are proven liars.

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