The Toxic Mix of Council and Police

It is seriously worrying to see that leading politicians recommend joining the interests police and local councils, most especially when the supposed benefit is for the citizen. A recent example is in our own local newspaper. One imagines that a free press would automatically become a stalwart supporter of Manchester citizens, but sadly the opposite has become the case.

When the Manchester Evening News (MEN) drops twisted information before the public's eyes it is betraying the public by leading it to follow a path that it would otherwise avoid. The trust that has been built up over generations is crudely seized and put at the disposal of unsympathetic agencies.

One notable example is the headliine from a few weeks ago. It is displayed to the right of this page. It is a glowing testimonial of the GMP successes which is so detailed as to be the work of GMP itself. It is as if GMP spoon fed the whole item to MEN. This is not the truth revealed by investigative journalism, this is information that some section wants us to know and believe, and if it wants us to believe it surely will have good reason to have the public thinking the way it wants.

Now why should the police want to lead public opinion by the nose? Is not its job to arrest crooks and seize drugs? Was this such a surprise that it justified the whole of the newpaper's front page to the exclusion of all else. It ignored the following stories that appeared in other national newspapers on the same day:

  • Police at the highest level callously deciding to falsely blame the Hillsborough diasaster, in whiich 96 football fans died, on the fans themselves.
  • In the University city of Oxford hundreds of teenage schoolgirls were groomed by gangs for sex, with no help from police and social workers.
  • CPS spending 33M on a witch hunt.
  • The shocking failings at a hospital trust whch resulted in the tragic deaths of 11 babies and one mother.
  • Hospital manager who accused a female colleague of dressing like a hooker.
  • A member of Parliament accusing the police of ignoring the property law (burglary).
  • A former banker was left unemployablle when police wrongly accused him of rape and released his photo.
  • An aspiring social worker who fraudulently claimed 1M in damages.
  • A retired police officer jailed for 12 years for grooming 12 year old girl for sex.
  • An anti-terror policewoman who used Scotland Yard computers to spy on her ex-husband.
  • A five month old baby who died of meningitis after an emergency doctor fiddled his work sheet and pretended he had visited the child.
  • A 20 year old model from a Barrister family running a prostitute ring from a swish part of London.
  • Police tipped off BBC about a pending raid on Sir Cliff Richards' home.
  • A Judge was spotted driving a billionaire's seized Porshe.
  • A Chelsea fan who was caught up in the famous Paris underground 'race' incident is an ex-police officer.
  • A Council chief conspired to bring Dolly Parton to town while he ignored the child sex grooming for which he was slammed.
  • The bishops' left-wing manifesto results in Ministers mocking Church of England's dwindling relevance.
  • Archbishop calls for 'fresh moral vision' in British politics.
  • Britain's biggest police force has solved just 14% of poedophile crimes in four years.
  • A concerned Parliament alleges 'a tax on justice'.
  • The Ministry of Defence is challenged in a tribunal by a whistle-blowing doctor.
  • A respected national newspaper asks the question: 'Why not catching crooks is not the most important police job?
  • A senior retired police officer prepares to sue over his rich uncle's estate.
  • A millionaire paid no tax for 24 years.
  • Any or all of these stories were available but they were ignored in order to prop up a corrupt poice service which accidentally did its job. Are we to believe that GMP will more readily serve and protect Mancunians because it mixes well with the right public organs? By putting the GMP cheek by jowl with Trafford MBC are we to feel more comfortable or better protected than might not be the case otherwise?

    Not all police officers are out of the same mould and the same is true of public servants. Yet, it is certainly true that some pairs of the bad type do gravitate to each other. Witness Cllr Matthew Colledge, as Council Leader chummed up with a GMP officer to dig up some dirt on me. There wasn't any so the officer vented his spleen and unwittingly Colledge wrote it all down and sent it on official note paper. Virtually every word was false. This top man did it all rather than do an honest investigation of a staff member. That is one example of how the wrong type of chaps can poison a situation. Colledge has now disappeared off the radar.

    Hazel Kimmitt is another staff member whose public service has not been to the benefit of the community, though the jury is still out on what really happened. She claimed that she was told by GMP that there had been no complaints of vandals driving motor vehicles on the green. We have our suspicions as to who would tell her that, but we can get no further than that. This is because Hazel Kimmitt has never divulged who said it, nor what it was. As PC Blackburn, on oath from the witness box, falsely claimed at my trial that there were no complaints the only voice that could have borne witness remained silent. On that occasion the benefit of the community did not weigh as much as protecting GMP. Such is the way that a toxic mix works. Kimmitt told me that she would only divulge what had happened if the police asked her. There was no chance that GMP would want her to do that, so the police were well protected from exposure as corrupt liars. What chance does an innocent man stand in court when everything is stacked against him?

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