How many times have we all heard risk takers scoffing that nothing will happen? Isn't that what motorists tell police when they are caught driving without insurance? "I'm not going to have an accident while I just slip to the shops for some fags".

Who would have thought it? In a rural idyll, a petting farm for goodness sake. A child is hit by a vehicle; and not just hit but killed.

Who can say whether our children are safe when they are mixing with moving vehicles? The worst thing is that it is not just feckless young smokers who come up with these irrespsonsible ideas. Two of Sale's Community Police think that the answer to the mixing of children and motors on the "Protected Open Space" is to remove the protection. This callous and cruel solution has already been proposed by the two police officers who called at my home a week last Monday.

The IPCC is dealing with a complaint about the conduct of the two officers. What is going on in their heads to dream up such an irresponsible solution.

If the protection were to be removed, the local vandals would lose no time in trashing the green with their vehicles. We have good evidence of what some ne'er do wells did to the green when it was under the protection of Sale Community Police. With absolutely no protection the incidence of driving on the green is more likely to be greater than lesser. Then what would happen to the children who are playing among the traffic. It is a recipe for injury or even death. Of course, in those circumstances one should have an open and shut case in a claim for compensation from Trafford Council.

Just imagine it! The Council would need to convince a court that it had done enough to prevent access by motor vehicles, and that when it had just consciously decided to withdraw the protection from the green and the children. It is outrageous. A responsible police service and a council would never consider abandoning the children to a "survival of the fittest" scheme in caring for children.

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