Bullies send in the troops

Only civilised Christians don't

I see that Russia is bullying little Ukraine into allowing a military incursion into its territory. The cover is that Russia has noticed some of its supporters are over the border in Crimea. The pretext is always the same from wherever the bullying comes.

The bully usually sends some of its people over the border in order to justify going in to rescue them. It has happened with Russia before et alia. Russia with the Baltic States, China with Tibet, France with Algeria, Germany with The Suddetenland, Russia and Germany with Poland, Argentina with the Falklands, and Britain with Northern Ireland – whoops; did I say that!

All of this was in the last 100 years. It bears thinking about as we are celebrating (if that’s the right word) 100 years since the start of the First World War.

It took Charles de Gaulle to withdraw the French military from Algeria. It took the combined might of both Russia and the USA to force the Germans out of The Suddetenland. It took an ill-prepared expedition to the Falklands for Britain to squeeze out Argentina. There has been much loss of international face, but British leaders had no stomach for that. When Ireland had its uncompromising demand to get rid of British military, Britain sent in brutal troops known as the Black and Tans.

In spite of promises for Home Rule, the Irish clamour was stemmed by laying Ireland awash with blood. For nearly a hundred years the British answer has been to send in the military – no less than China or Russia.

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